Masanori Morinaga


Masanori Morinaga

Company Name: DEF-Office Co., Ltd.
Director Masanori Morinaga
Housing: 2-30-16 ShakujiimachiTown, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Hometown: Hiroshima Prefecture

Established a consulting company for entertainment facilities business companies in 2000 and became a director.
As a consultant for entertainment facility management companies, he is engaged in a wide range of tasks including management system construction, management planning, management guidance, marketing, human resource reinforcement, and M & A.
In addition, we are currently promoting consulting that is not subject to limitations such as distance and time to a large number of clients by consulting using a cloud system.

<Work experience>
Joined Sigma Co., Ltd. in 1989: (game machine manufacturing and game center operating company)
Established a consulting company in 2000
Cloud system consulting start in 2008
To the present

<Consulting >
Complement system construction for existing system
Support establishment of FC business
Sales management system
Regeneration planning and implementation of business divisions
Market area research related to domestic and overseas store openings
Traffic Survey & Facility User Survey
O2O store management planning and implementation
Human resource development and customer service skills training

<Consulting industry>
Game center
Game maker
Karaoke store
Bowling center
Dart field
Sports Facilities
Vintage clothing store
Jewelry company
Logistics company
Shopping Centre
Music production company (label)
Miscellaneous goods maker

1) Store activation project with the major amusement facilities business division
2) Planning store project with the major amusement facilities business division
3) Market research for opening an amusement store-operation plan
4) Implementation of due diligence in M ​​& A of medium-sized amusement integrated company
5) Reproduction project support of medium-sized amusement facility business company
6) General store development support at amusement facility companies
7) Marketing support for amusement facility development in China
8) Business support for development and operation of amusement facilities in China
9) Amusement Facility Planning Project in China
10) Recreational facilities development planning in Asia

1) Planning store project with the major amusement facilities business division
2) Digital Kids Playland Development Planning Support
3) Planning and production of prizes for amusement (such as radio controlled cars)
4) General planning and MD planning of prizes for amusement
5) Planning and implementation of visual MD
6) Planning and implementation of business seminars
7) Project Management Office function support